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How can an employer lawyer help in work compensation?

A company should provide for a worker injured due to an accident in the company. The company should pay for the wages that the individual lost, look after the medical bills and retrain the individual if the injury takes time to heal. Although, this process seems very straight forward, there are companies who do not take care of all these aspects and neglect the worker. A Toronto employment lawyer would come in handy at a situation like this and he can help to ensure that the individual’s injury is recognized by the company and sufficient care is taken to help the worker. The following are some of the faults that company would do, when they ignore to help the worker.

  • Claim denial – The most common denial cause shown by an employer would be that the injury to the worker did not take place at all or the injury never took place during the time of the work. A worker should immediately contact De Bousquet Employment Lawyers who have expertise in handling such cases. Unfortunately, a lot of workers feel that this action would result in the loss of their job. However, this is a myth as the lawyers will not only ensure rightful compensation, but also take care of the continuation of the job.


  • The Physician – In many companies, a physician is readily available to treat the injuries of a worker. They are hired by the companies and they show loyalty to them. So, whenever a worker with injuries goes to the physician, they tend to show the problem as small and ask the worker to return to work after only a few days of rest. By hiring a lawyer from employment law firm Toronto the worker can be assured that the proper treatment is given by the physician and sufficient rest is given to heal. The treatment would be fair and without any bias.


  • Delay in benefits – There are some additional benefits that most companies won’t reveal to their workers who are injured during work. A Toronto employment lawyer would help in clearing all the possible barriers and make sure the worker avails all the benefits. Further, he can help in explaining the delay in the process and tries to quicken the process of obtaining benefits.


  • Reprisal – According to law, a company cannot fire a worker who sought legal advice to claim his deserved compensation. The employment law firm Toronto handling the case will file a case against the company and reveal the truth behind the dismissal of an employee. This could settle down things and the employer can come to a settlement about the job of the worker.

There is another situation called the ‘third-party claim’ where the worker is injured in the work premises by another person who is not related to the company. Then, the lawyers can file a case against the third party and ensure that justice is done to the worker. This would lead to obtaining additional compensation as the other person has done a serious offense in intruding and hurting an individual in a private place.

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5 things to consider while hiring a Toronto criminal lawyer

Getting caught for a crime is easy, but finding the right lawyer who can ensure that justice serves equally, is a very difficult task. The correct Toronto criminal lawyer can help to reduce the sentence or prove innocence if the client didn’t do anything. However, it is not easy to find a lawyer who can understand the case and move according to the different twists during the trial period. The following tips can help to find the right criminal lawyer:
There are many lawyers who would add a prefix of criminal lawyer to their designation, but they are ineffective and don’t know how to deal with such cases. Nonetheless, there are some who are specialized in dealing with intense cases such as firearm dealing, drug abuse, assault, murder, etc. If you take the example of Brian Ross Criminal lawyer Toronto, one can get a complete package of experience, skill and specialization. It would be a waste of time and money to select those amateur criminal lawyers who only look to devour on the money of the client.
Track Record
Won’t it be great if the criminal lawyers Toronto who are shortlisted to get hired have a wonderful winning percentage? To understand the percentage, one must inquire about the number of jury trials, as most of the “tagged” lawyers wouldn’t have attended more than 10 trials. Another important aspect is to know about the efficiency of the lawyer when dealing with criminal cases and how many clients got out with the verdict of “not guilty”. These two factors should be on the higher scale to judge a lawyer and the higher percentage means the track record is wonderful.
The Law Board will certify some of the lawyers as potential candidates who can perform well in the courtyard. They have the best skills regarding the field and know how to deal with the most complex of cases. The fact that a Toronto criminal lawyer is certified as a specialist means that he or she has attended numerous jury trials and had a high percentage of success. Ask for the certification of specialization when the first meeting takes place or through the phone to decide about the effectiveness of a lawyer. Further, this helps to eliminate the low level lawyers who are not capable of doing well in the trial, which is the most important aspect in a criminal case.
Do not bargain
There are different prices for different criminal lawyers and one can expect the price to be reasonably high for professional lawyers as they offer much more to the table. If the individual thinks that some money could be saved by hiring a normal lawyer, this could affect the entire case and he may end up on the losing side.
Personal opinion
Keeping aside all the other factors, it is important for the individual to understand the character of a lawyer. Hiring a good person amongst the selection of criminal lawyers Toronto will ensure that the case will have a strong defense. The lawyer with good characters will take care of every aspect and can understand the factors that have led to the crime. These play an important role in the trial.
All the factors mentioned here will help to find the best lawyer who can help the defendant with his criminal charges. Further, the lawyer will stand as a great psychological support, taking pressure of the individual every now and then.

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